FAB Defense Ultimag 5R 5-Round


High grade and high quality the FAB Defense Ultimag 5R 5-Round Limited Magazine makes a great modification for your firearm. These mag's from the brains at Fab Defense feature an ergonomic design made for enhanced grip and faster magazine change. Crafted from durable, light weight, polymer composite and steel the FAB Defense Ultimag 5-Round Magazine wont weigh you down. The FAB Defense Ultimag 5.56 AR15 Magazine is a reliable and ergonomic addition.

Specifications for FAB Defense Ultimag 5R 5-Round Limited

Fabric/Material: Polymer
Magazine Capacity: 5 Round
Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO, .223 Remington
Gun Model: AR-15
Gun Type: Rifle
Weight: 0.289 lb, 131 g
Width: 1.06 in, 27 mm
Height: 220 mm, 8.66 in
Length: 90 mm, 3.54 in