AR-308 / AR-10 / 7.62 X 51 Complete Bolt Carrier Group Nickel Boron

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Get a high quality Bolt Carrier Group for your AR with this .308 Nickel Boron BCG! This .308 / 7.62 X 51 Nickel Boron BCG features an 8620 Tool Steel Carrier and 9310 Carpenter Steel Bolt, with a properly staked forged gas key and Grade 8 Hardware. The bolt is shot peened and hardened then Magnetic Particle Inspected.

Specifications and Features:
308/7.62 Nickel Boron BCG
8620 Tool Steel Carrier 
9310 Carpenter Steel Bolt 
Shrouded Firing Pin 
Forged Gas Key - Properly Staked 
Grade 8 Hardware 
Shot Peened Hardened Bolt 
MPI Tested 
Tool Steel Extractor 
Nickel Boron Finish - Inside and Out