XTS Tactical Vest with level 3A Plates


 Tactical Vest Plate Carrier with Plates

Complete with front and rear level 3A protective plates, an adjustable rifle sling, and accessory pouches. Made of high quality 600D Cordura Nylon.

Total weight: 9.70 lbs

Dimensions: 52x37x37 cm


Front and Rear protective level 3A inserts

Armor plate pocket compartments

  • Easy access to ballistic plates with pull down Velcro flaps.

Adjustable/detachable cummerbund with pockets for side armor

  • Front pocket will accommodate up to a 9" wide x 11" tall plate.
  • Rear pocket will accommodate up to a 9" wide x 11" tall plate.
  • Side pockets will accommodate up to a 5" high x 8" long plate, curving or bendable.
  • Heavily padded mesh in front and rear compartments for comfort, protection and air flow.

Front, rear and sides of vest is covered with Molle webbing for attaching pouches

  • Front, top has 3 rows of Molle.
  • Front, bottom has 5 rows of Molle.

Rear has 7 rows of Molle

Sides have 3 rows of Molle (each side)

Detachable shoulder pads

Comes with the following removable pouches:

  • 3 magazine pouches
    • 1 - 2.25" wide x 4.25" tall.
    • 2 - 2.75" wide x 4.25" tall.
  • 2 radio pouches
  • 2 utility pouches, 8" tall x 6" wide x 3" deep
  • Map pouch with hook and loop closure, 7" wide x 6.5" tall.

Front and back hook & loop attachment platforms

Level IIIA is designed to stop .357 Sig FMJ FN (Flat Nose) bullets traveling at a velocity of ~1470 ft/s and .44 Magnum SJHP (Semi Jacketed Hollow Point) rounds at a velocity of 1430 ft/s. Like its level IIA and Level II, Level IIIA is most commonly soft armor, however hard armor plates and ballistic shields can sometimes be found with a rating of level IIIA.

This Garment is Rated ONLY for the Ballistic Threat Level Stated Above. It is NOT Intended to Protect Against Rifle Fire, or Sharp Edged or Pointed Instruments.