Micro Conversion Kit GEN 2 for Glocks


The updated Micro Conversion Kit Gen2 for your Gen3, 4, or 5 Glocks is here!

Originally designed to improve one-handed shooting, the new MCK features a redesigned brace. This brace not only provides the same stability and security as the last model, it also allows the user to fire the MCK Gen2 while folded and locked!

No disassembly for the kit or your gun is required for installation! The Charging Handle is captured in the MCK for simplicity and the external Slide Stop Lever buttons have been replaced with a cutout, so you can easily access your Glock Handgun's Slide Stop Lever. 

Additionally, the Gen2 rear door extends an additional 15 degrees, making it even more convenient to insert and remove your handgun.

The interior has also been redesigned to accommodate suppressor height sights!

The front Foregrip section now also features a magazine catch to make storage and removal of your extra magazine faster and easier.

Finally, in the biggest update customers have been waiting for, the MCK Gen2 is Suppressor Friendly, and will fit suppressors up to 1.38" in diameter!

Best of all, one MCK will fit multiple Glock models! Just adjust the integrated Barrel Shroud to fit your handgun's slide/barrel length.

Fits Glock models: G17, G19, G19X, G22, G23, G31, G32, G45.

This item does NOT fit 80% frames.

The MCK Stabilizer is not eligible for standard discounts.