Review of Mtech USA MT 520 Fixed Blade Knife

 There are so many good things to say about the Mtech USA MT 520 fixed blade knife. I’m not sure where to begin. This knife is tough, has a hearty weight to it, and with a 10.75” overall length, the knife is versatile enough to handle just about any task that you would ever need to put it through. Speaking of its versatility, The MT 520’s blade design gives it an almost axe like feel. In fact, the design inspired me to try using it as such. Much to my to my delight, the MT 520 chopped through a two inch thick tree branch with relative ease.

Aside from chomping through forest debris like a locust swarm through a green wheat field, the 5.25” half serrated 440 stainless steel blade is amazing for slicing, cutting, and skinning too. The tanto style tip allows the user to bear down with extreme force and the knife’s full tang gives it all the stability one will ever need. The razor sharp edge promises to slice through tough materials with ease and the serrated portion of the blade, can cut through almost anything quickly and efficiently. Also, there is no need to worry about the blade snapping, or wearing out any time soon. The MT 520’s 7mm thick titanium finished blade is rust resistant, incredibly strong, and sure to endure years of abuse.

The riveted black ergonomic G10 handle feels comfortable in the hand and its slip resistant texture provides the confidence to use this knife aggressively with little fear of losing your grip. The added security of a handle with a Lanyard hole if used properly makes it even less likely that the wielder will lose control when it counts like in a personal security, or a self defense situation. I for one feel confident in this knife’s ability to hold up under stressful conditions. Just the daunting look of this knife alone should easily be enough to ward off all but the most determined of attackers.

In addition to its great quality and ruggedness, the MT 520 comes standard with a tough nylon sheath, an adjustable nylon strap, and an invaluable Diamond Sharpener. Use these accessories to keep your knife secure, clean, and sharp and it should last you a lifetime. With promising quality, durability, and utility, it will be difficult to locate a better value in its price-range. In my opinion, the MT 520 gets 5 out of 5 stars!

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