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Today’s consumer really has an advantage over those of days gone by in regards to making informed purchasing decisions. While it may be true that buyers have always had a choice regarding from whom they do business with, today consumers have a seemingly unlimited selection of retailers to choose from. One could go as far as to say that choosing a merchant can be an almost overwhelming decision. Thanks to online marketing and dot com store fronts, retailers are in plentiful supply.

It would seem that for every item on the market there are literally hundreds of resellers clamoring for your business. And who can blame them? It’s easy.  Basically anyone with a few extra minutes and a computer can set up an online store. And if they find the right supplier they can offer almost anything at a competitive price. So how does one decide on which merchant to buy from? What makes one online retailer different from any other? With so many venders out there selling the same items at basically the same price what’s the difference? Why worry? Just buy it from the first one that pops up right?  Not so fast.

The difference between online sellers can be as varied as night and day. Would you really want to buy something from a seller who hasn’t even put enough faith in their business model to invest in an actual storefront? Before buying online, you should ask yourself is there a phone number listed where I can call if I have a question, or a problem? Or do I only have the frustrating option of emailing them and playing the waiting game? What would stop them form simply taking my money and disappearing? Will they still be in business if I need to return the item for some reason? Do they have a customer service department, or are they simply drop-shipping the item to you from someone else’s warehouse? For your own safety, you really should be asking these questions. Did you know that many online retailers are basically forcing the customer to assume all the risks of doing business? They are just playing broker and skimming a little off the top while never even touching the item they offer for sale. This doesn’t really seem like they're earning their money does it? 

Instead of sending your hard earned money to someone who is trying to sell you something that they don’t even own until you pay for it, why not buy from an Online store that has a physical address and can back you up with a support staff.  If the item is selling for basically the same price, it just makes sense to purchase from a store that has the product in stock and knowledgeable employees who have experience with the personal security products, and gun accessories that you’re going to buy. At Backwood Sports we are just that. We stand behind every one of our products and our sales staff is available to assist you should you ever need it. Buying from is simply a great choice!

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