Importance of LUNA OPTICS in Night Vision Rifle Scope

The sun hangs low in the sky, the shadows are beginning to stretch, and it’s just about time to climb down from the stand and head back to the truck. When all of the sudden, the biggest buck Tom has ever seen strides out from behind a thicket that is about 100 yards away. Tom excitedly takes aim, squeezes the trigger, fires… And misses, “SON OF A (*@$#!)”, Tom yells at the top of his lungs as a snow white tail fades away into the woods. What Tom thought was the best hunting scope available just couldn’t do the job in the dim hours of the evening leaving Tom empty handed and defeated. Instead of a tremendous source of pride, this once in a lifetime opportunity has became nothing more than a could a been and a campfire story.

The missed opportunity could have been avoided if Tom would have equipped himself with a night vision rifle scope. That trophy would be mounted above his fireplace right now if he would have opted to purchase the Luna Optics Night vision scope when he had the chance, but he didn’t. Now instead of an awesome rack above his mantel piece, Tom gets to enjoy that cheesy family portrait with everyone in their stupid red sweaters for one more year. Next year will be different, next year; Tom will have the proper rifle accessories. Next year, Tom will have the right equipment to bring home that trophy. Tom won’t miss next year.

Now imagine what happens when Tom gets startled awake by the clanging of trash cans at 3:00 A.M. As Tom peers out of his kitchen window with tired eyes he has little to no chance of making out what made this terrible mess, because it’s just to dark to make anything out. Tom now has even less of an idea of what was out there than he did when he first heard the trash cans rolling across the driveway. Well here we are again. If Tom would have bought the night vision Monocular that he saw on he would now know what caused the ruckus and better yet, Tom would know what type of creature he is dealing with and how to create a deterrent to avoid having to clean up garbage from the front yard yet again. But unfortunately for Tom, he didn’t buy one when he had the chance and now Tom gets to clean up a rotten stink fest this morning.

Unlike lighted conditions, where a Vortex scope or a nice pair of Steiner binoculars would have given Tom adequate visuals. Low light scenarios require something with a bit more technology. As we learned from Tom, from hunting to home security and many uses in between, night vision optics can be a tremendous advantage in low light circumstances.

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