How to Choose the Best AR-15 Rifle Online

AR-15 Rifles, so many choices… Decisions, decisions...  The Ar-15 rifle is quite literally an eternal project. The amount of options and accessories available for the AR-15 can be pretty overwhelming. When it comes to an AR-15, you can keep building and rebuilding it over and over again and every time you do, it’s like owing a brand new gun! From the stock to the muzzle break there’s a custom piece for that. And if the amount of available accessories out there isn’t enough to make your head spin, there’s the whole “what color do I want it” thing. Although all these choices can be daunting, in the end it becomes a labor of love, so just relax and enjoy your hobby. Luckily for us there are online gun stores like out there where you can find more AR-15 accessories than you can shake a rickety stick at. At you can shop accessories for your AR-15 till your hearts content.

Another conundrum the AR-15 enthusiast faces, and likely the most pressing issue is; how do I choose the best set up for me? There are so many options out there. Dang it, more decisions, that’s just what you needed right? Well, maybe I can help you narrow this down a bit. The good news is that all AR-15’s start with basically the same platform, the upper and lower receiver. From there it all gets complicated. So start with the base components. The brand you choose is really more of a personal preference than anything else. In my experience, unless you’re a professional, or a competitive range rat, the difference between brands is pretty nominal. More importantly, you should be asking yourself, what is it that you want to do with your AR-15. What is the end goal?  Exactly what is it that you’re trying to accomplish with this build? Is it going to be for hunting, personal security, bragging rights?  Am I a working towards a career as a secret agent? Hmm... we all fantasize, but most likely we won’t be called up for a special ops mission any time soon, and we’ll probably never really need that night-vision, or the 200 round magazine, but come on, tactical set ups sure look cool and hey, what about this impending Zombie apocalypse that we’re always hearing about? Maybe gear up just in case?

All kidding aside, it’s best to have an idea of the end product before dumping a ton of money into a rifle, otherwise, you’ll end up hording a safe full of expensive accessories that you’ll probably never use. Without a plan the AR can become a gaudy, over weight conversation piece. Unless that’s your goal of course, I won’t stop you. I’ve built a few anchors myself. Its all about you, what kind of person are you? Your AR-15 is as unique as you are, that’s what makes them so much fun. Good luck and happy building!

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