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Just bought a straight out of the box Smith and Wesson MP15 Sport with the usual, hard A2 Grip, A2 Collapsible Stock and plastic Handguard? What about the Ruger AR Free Floated with the old A2 Grip and Stock and the 10" Rail?


Well, our brand of XTS Accessories and Parts is here to help you upgrade that rifle to something to be proud of, all while keeping the bank intact. From stocks that start at $29.99, Grips running at only $15.99, and M-LOK Rails starting from $69.99, you'll defiantly be able to make a difference.


So lets start out back, the all important stock. Throw that cheap plastic A2 Stock away and slide a Rubber-padded, sleek, ergonomical XTS stock onto that buffer tube. The XTS-101 and XTS-58 stocks are both at the lower end of the range, coming in at $29.99, but still function exactly as a $60 Magpul. Bumping up a little is our Standard XTS-105, which features a thicker rubber buttpad and design. The top two on the range, XTS-104 and XTS-106 feature the all important Cheek Riser so you can gain that little bit of height, which could make a huge difference, with the XTS-104 being fitted with Shock Absorbing springs for a little bit more comfort.


Moving up, lets talk about the most hands-on part of the gun, the grip. This is where you need to be the most comfortable, and, well, we have a comfortable solution! Get that A2 grip off and throw it on of the A2 Stock and throw on the XTS-301, Our Rubberized AR Grip that is ergonomically shaped for maximum comfort, and the rubberized texture gives it a no slip texture. With a storage compartment for your batteries or other essentials to finish it off, the XTS 301 also adds style to your already stylish AR.


Now, the biggest part of your Rifle. The Handguard/Rail/Forend, which ever you call it, will stick out no matter what. So why not make it look good? We offer Keymod, M-lok and Quad Rails in lengths ranging from 7 inches all the way to 15 inches. Got a plastic quad rail on your S&W MP15? Try out the XTS MT021 Quad Rail, a two piece drop in rail that is made from True Aircraft Aluminum and incredibly easy to install. Have a Free Float? Well opportunities are endless! Throw on an Anodized 12" Black Rail, 15" Keymod, or be bold and throw a 7" Anodized Blue Rail on your FDE American Tactical Omni!



Your rifle should be a statement, so you need the best parts available. XTS is here to help and create your one of a kind AR Rifle or Pistol!

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