Introducing Magpul Shotgun Accessories

Posted on February 23, 2013

Magpul is excited to announce a new line of furniture and accessories for the Remington 870 Shotgun.


The SGA 870 Shotgun Stock is an adaptable stock for Remington 870 12 gauge shotguns, designed with a wide range of customizable features and accessories to meet individual end user needs.

Spacer-adjustable LOP in 1/2” increments from 12.5” to 14.5”Recoil reducing butt-padIntegral right/left 1.25” sling loopsReinforced polymer constructionEnhanced grip angle ergonomicsAvailable butt-pad adapter for compatibility with many standard 870 recoil padsAvailable interchangeable cheek pieces for comb height adjustmentAvailable left/right side QD sling attachment points

MSRP $109.95, Shipping Spring 2012


The MOE 870 Forend is a simple, lightweight forend forthe Remington 870 line of 12 gauge shotguns, designed to provide much-needed adaptability with the attachment of optional MOE accessories and mounts.

Increased length for improved pump manipulationCompatible with MOE accessories such as the MVG,Polymer Rail Sections, and Illumination Kit.Reinforced polymer construction Installation wrench included

MSRP $29.95, Shipping Spring 2012


Compatible with the Magpul SGA Shotgun Stock, the SGA Cheek Riser Kits allow the user to configure their shotgun with the ideal cheek piece height to accommodate a wide range of sight/optic configurations and shooter preferences. The Riser Kits are available in two configurations: SGA Low Rise Kit, including one (1) 0.25” cheek riser and one (1) 0.50” cheek riser, and the SGA High Rise Kit, including one (1) 0.50” cheek riser and one (1) 0.75” cheek riser. Optimal cheek piece height will vary based on sight/mount type and user preference, but common configurations include:

Low-profile bead sights: 0.00”– 0.25” riserGhost ring or other raised sights: 0.00”– 0.25”Low-profile optic (i.e. mini red dot): 0.25”– 0.50” riser*Standard optic (i.e. red dot or holographic sight): 0.25”– 0.50” riser*Magnified optic: 0.50”– 0.75” riser*

*Note: Add approximately 0.25” to these recommendations for aftermarket raised receiver rails and optics utilizing higher mounts. Optic mounts designed for the AR15/M16 platform may be too high for use with the SGA depending on shooter preference.

MSRP $15.95 Shipping Spring 2012


The SGA 870 Receiver Sling Mount is an attachment point for the Remington 870 series of shotguns for clip-in style slings such as the MS3, HK hook, or MASH Hook.

Solid steel construction with durable Melonite coatingUser-configurable for left or right-side attachmentCompatible with the Magpul SGA 870 buttstock

MSRP $19.95, Shipping Spring 2012


The SGA 870 OEM Butt-Pad Adapter allows the user to replace the standard Magpul SGA Recoil Pad with a synthetic Remington-pattern or aftermarket 870 butt-pad of their choice (not included)

MSRP $9.95, Shipping Spring 2012

Made in the U.S.A.


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