The PMAG 30 GEN M3 is a polymer magazine for AR15/M4 compatible firearms with an expanded feature set and compatibility compared to our earlier PMAGs.  Advances in material technology and manufacturing processes help to make this the most reliable and durable PMAG to date.

Here at Magpul, when we make a product, we have a hard time leaving it alone.  We continue to test, to collect feedback from end-users, and to find ways to improve.  The original PMAG benefitted from these efforts with the MREV improvements in 2009.  Since then, we’ve continued the quest for constant evolution.  With millions of magazines in worldwide military service and a self-critical eye in our engineering department, the M3 project started in 2011.  Over a full year later, we are finally ready to show our hand.

Polymer technology is constantly advancing, and we are continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible with new materials, manufacturing methods, and quality control.  What we’ve arrived at with the GEN M3 is a magazine that is significantly stronger in all areas.  Performance in feed lip impact, spine strength, side impact, cold and hot weather impacts, and crush testing have all improved significantly over previous generations—to the point that we think you’ll find the results impressive, to say the least.  You’ll also see a new, innovative window material with superior chemical resistance and durability properties.  We will be releasing videos of some of the testing during the coming weeks, so you can see for yourself what the new GEN M3 is capable of. 

The external geometry of the GEN M3 is slightly different than the previous generation of PMAG.  In order to have compatibility with the widest variety of firearms platforms, the front stop on the magazine has been relocated for full compatibility with the HK 416/IAR/M27 and the SA-80.  A new, enhanced over-insertion stop has been added to the rear spine of the magazine.  This new stop is compatible with nearly all magazine well geometries and provides support for rough handling of the loaded firearm as well as allowing extremely aggressive magazine changes with no danger of malfunctions or damage caused by over-insertion.  Our increases in material technology and manufacturing have also permitted gains in strength while allowing narrower external dimensions, for greater drop-free compatibility with magazine wells on the tighter side of the tolerance range.

Internal geometry received an update as well.  Proven constant curve geometry is combined with a new, low-friction, four-way anti-tilt follower designed to improve on our already excellent adverse conditions functioning, especially in dust or grit environments, thanks to generous clearances.  The new follower color is gray, to distinguish it from previous follower generations. 

There are numerous other improvements and added features.  First, the magazine catch area is reinforced both for extra strength and for improved function with a wider range of magazine catch tolerances.  In keeping with the quest for compatibility, the bolt catch notch has been expanded to be compatible with the FN SCAR while still showing significant strength and durability gains in this critical area.  On the outside, you’ll notice improved texture on both the front and back spines, as well as slightly modified side ribs to enhance handling characteristics when wet, dirty, or when under stress.  The new floor plate design shows significant strength increases over previous designs while being slimmer for easier side-by-side carry and also having features to increase drainage for maritime operations.  In the “nice to have” category, there is a paint pen dot matrix on the bottom sides of each magazine to allow consistent magazine marking that resists wear due to rough handling.  This feature makes magazine marking easier and all but eliminates having to re-mark magazines after friction and solvents have worn your original markings.

All of this talk of improvements, strength, and durability really means nothing if the magazine doesn’t feed, and that is what we are most excited about.  It’s easy to design and build a plastic brick that fits in a magazine well…and much harder to build a true asset to a weapons system that functions flawlessly across a wide spectrum of temperature and condition extremes with various ammunition types, across numerous platforms, extreme cyclic rates, and other variables.  The GEN M3 has exceeded even our own high expectations in reliability, compatibility, and endurance testing.  Tests like 6,000 rounds through a single magazine, dirt/sand/grit testing, drop, crush, and impact testing, temperature extreme testing, extensive field testing…all per applicable military standards, and all demonstrating the performance we demand from the next generation to wear the PMAG name.

We have a series of new developments and additions to the line that will be released soon, so keep an eye on our social media, sign up for our newsletter, and follow this blog for the latest news on what is coming next from honest engineering and American manufacturing.


Made in U.S.A.

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