GEN M3 PMAG 20 and 10 announced

Posted on February 22, 2013

M3 20rd because these are a bit later than expected for our standard capacity magazine production optimization, we are generating generation right now, added capacity, as well as all running standard mags magazines have ' round is clock. Without fanfare, we give PMAG 20-generation M3. The PMAG 20 AR/M4-generation M3 us contains all changes from the previous straight 20 rd PMAG, including the constant curve geometry generation M3 improvements.
Is so now we our manufacturing capabilities focus on the standard capacity magazines low capacity magazines are not ready until early February release we also take the opportunity to present their PMAG 10-generation M3.
Also, as promised, and have begun the PMAG 30-generation M3 window production, we ship.


PMAG 20-generation M3 brings GEN M3 improving 20 round magazine form factor. All GEN M3 improvements here, constant curve geometry and our straight changed PMAG 20-m 2 generation, completely including fall prevention, low-friction follower is. Operation 20 round magazine tended are easily reliability and durability of I of 20 M3 and the short length of this. Unlike the 30 Rounders is our product line generation m 2 replaces the provision-generation M3 round 20. Keep the price of the previous generation, MSRP $ 13.95 PMAG 20.


Smallest possible magazine size brings the PMAG 10-generation M3 M3 generation. It is ideal for hunting or additional restrictions, as well as overall capacity limited by the local hunting laws and State. GEN M3 round 10 contains all line-generation M3 benefits. Ideal for when taking the Pack off and bipod. Manufacturer desired retail price $ 13.95, come 2/2013


Made in the USA


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