Weaver redesigned their scopes of Grand Slam for SHOT Show!

We spoke with Tom Weaver at the SHOT Show, and he gave us a preview of their newly redesigned Grand Slam rifle scopes.  To be sure, Weaver is one of those brands that you hear about all the time for their constant improvement. It is actually surprising that they can find so many things to improve, after considering how their scopes are first of all.

So, what has changed? Well, much, actually. The new Grand Slam probes have many internal improvements, but they have also improved the exterior design to make them smoother and sexier. You can see with new Rings for Weaver Grand Slam, which look great with these expanses, but on many other scopes. They look great and they have a feeling of fluidity that they cling on anything.

But internal changes are what's going to give you the performance of these new probes of Weaver Grand Slam gain. The Micro-Trac system has been improved to maintain that quality people expect Weaver, while at the same time making them more reproducible and nearly indestructible. Tom says in the video, these scopes are almost. The tracking system was difficult enough and had few areas where problems could occur, but these tiny-small areas where the problems occurred before have been strengthened.

You will always get large glass and a worn well constructed, but the newly upgraded Micro-Trak system will give you incredibly precise elevation and windage adjustments, while being incredibly difficult as well! Take a look at the shooting Weaver see the video above for more information!

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