The Great Brownells PMag Conspiracy

Posted on February 17, 2013

According to Adolf Hitler...

And some of the shooters on AR15.com, people aren't getting their PMags when they're supposed to.

Here’s the deal. Back when the panic buying started following the Newtown Massacre, AR15 shooters, seeing a panic on the horizon, started ordering new Magpul PMags online. As one of the biggest shooting supply stores online, Brownells got a huge chunk of these orders. Given the sheer volume of magazines being ordered, most of them were backordered. 

That figures, right? You can’t order three years’ worth of magazines in three days and expect to get them the next day. So, here we are a month later, and PMags are finally starting to ship…

… to people who ordered them last week. 

Meanwhile, people who ordered them back in December are still backordered. So what’s going on here? Why do these guys get their mags and the guy who ordered them before Christmas are SOL?

In search of that answer, we reached out to Brownells’ Public Relations Manager Larry Weeks, who told us it all boils down to a glitch in their software.

As a result of the discussions, and customer feedback, we've been conducting an in-depth analysis of our order system, which is electronically controlled from purchase to packing. During the analysis, our IT gang detected a glitch. We are working hard to fix it so that we’re back to business as usual as quickly as possible. We apologize to anyone who has been inconvenienced. As a group of dedicated firearms enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the importance of receiving orders in a timely manner. Rest assured, our customers are priority #1 – and always will be.

Having worked in a public relations job for going on 12 years now and working for several organizations that are at the heart of some of the most outlandish tin-foil hat conspiracy theories you can think of, I have to say this rings true to me. Look, shit happens. Does it suck? Yeah. But having been a Brownells customer myself for a few years now, I have to say that one of the things they’re really good at is customer service. They guarantee their products, and will offer a refund or exchange if you’re not satisfied. In my experience, and others may say different, but if something’s wrong with their stuff, they’ll make it right.

Who you gonna believe? Me or Hitler?


Hat tip to TTAG.

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