ATN ThOR Wi - Fi accessory view thermal weapon!

Posted on February 19, 2013

It is no secret that the ATN ThOR has been a favorite around the offices of GearExpert.  I wrote about these thermal imagers a few times since they began last year, and they have always impressed.  There is an incredible balance of quality, resolution of the image and a set of huge features that really separates the ThOR other thermal imagers.  With the already high level of performance I imagine ATN probably struggled a bit to find a way to actually improve the ThOR, but they have.

I heard someone say recently that the world becomes wireless.  They are wrong.  The world IS wireless.  Today we have phones that can do anything, or tablets that add mad functionality to everyone from corporate CEOs to infantry soldiers in the world.  ATN knows this, and they have used the opportunities that this presents.  Namely, connectivity Wi Fi for their ThOR thermal imagers.

Imagine that you can get a target in your line of sight during training and have a trainer help figure you out where to aim.  They would be able to see just where you are aiming to instead of relying on you to describe or spend a few brass adequately.  Before even the trigger that your instructor can tell you if you miss and why.  Maybe you are not offsetting enough wind or bullet drop.

And of course it applies to training.  In the field, you'll have additional support, and being able to connect via Wi Fi increases your memory, so you can record up to now a greater amount of data using a laptop or phone.  If you need good records, it is the way to get it!

The new weapon ATN ThOR Wi - Fi sights are really exciting, so be sure to check our SHOT Show ATN vidéo above to learn more!

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