Vortex Razor HD binoculars & spotting scopes from SHOT Show!

Posted on February 19, 2013

Vortex knows that when you have a good thing going, it is best to not rock the boat too.  Their line Razor HD is basically the definition of a 'good thing'.  But this does not mean that Vortex will be stagnant.  They have added some great new models to this already spectacular line of optics.

For example, to complete the razor HD binoculars with the 42 mm objective lenses that were published last year Vortex just showed off new models with 50 mm lenses.  They are still very slight, and the design of the intelligent body hides quite size.  The objective lenses gather more more light, giving you a brighter, sharper image.  That is a big deal and will really help during these hours of twilight spot game or if you are a birder and a super views of a bird long sought.

But the razor HD line is also known for their telescopes.  Vortex listened to their fans on it and made his debut for razor HD 50 mm and 65 mm spotting scopes with both straight and angled models.  Like their other Razor HD Spotters, these new models give you fine focus and glass HD, so you get a nice view!

I'll post a bunch of photos of these New Vortex Razor HD optical below, but don't forget to watch the above video too so you can learn more about these fantastic new tracking goggles and binoculars!

Avid outdoorsman and writer, shooter, an experienced amateur astronomer and explain rifle scopes, binoculars, red dot sights, night vision and more. He appreciates when you love his messages!

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