Modular Swarovski scopes and rifle scopes Z6 of SHOT Show!

This year, including some additions to one of the most exciting lines of spotting, I've seen over the years, we have seen many new scopes of Swarovski at the SHOT Show : the modular ATX/STX scopes.  I have written about them before here on the OpticsPlanet Facebook Wall and I am really happy to see a few new models released this year.  The basic premise of these observers is that you have two separate parts, a goal and one eye, and they attach to one another.  This gives you the ability, in the future, to buy other eyepieces or lenses of the objective for versatility.  More models means more opportunities to customize the performance you want and that you need.  I am a big fan of this.

But it was not all scopes from Swarovski suddenly.  We also got to take a look at a few new models in the line of Z6 riflescopes.  I love Swarovski slogan for these scopes: "The Original.  Perfect. "This isn't a bad way to talk about these large tracts.  First of all, they have the big glass, which is not a surprise given the expertise of Swarovski glass work, but it is always good to see they spend so much time on the quality of the glass.  The Z6 has a pretty slim design, and ballistic turrets have been redesigned for improved functionality.  There's also reticles light automatic start/stop switches to help preserve the life of the battery.

Swarovski has really knocked my socks off year last with their modular scopes, and I can't wait to get my hands on their new optics for 2013!

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