SOG Hunts Point SHOT Show knives!

We have seen only a few companies knife at SHOT Show this year, but you can be sure that we had a glance at the SOG.  They are one of my favorite knife brands, and this is not a big surprise, since they have won the award of brilliance of this year for the brand of knife of the year!  This price was determined by you guys, so you clearly know your stuff.

But I do not think that SOG is going to rest on their laurels.  They have launched some new nice knives at the SHOT Show last week, including the Hunts Point knives!  You can see it in action above, and no doubt they have a fantastic look.  There are two different models, some with a blade style Boning and others with a style blade skinning.  On a game, the handle is reinforced for added strength and a good handling of glass, and it comes with a leather case.  Thus, you will get a good amount of one of these knives.

There is also another game that is almost identical, except it has a rosewood handle.  In fact, I prefer the wooden handle.  The look is classic and you still get the same fantastic blade.

If you are looking for a quality hunting knife, it would be wrong to not check the SOG.  They are proven time and time again with their great designs and quality of construction.

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