BLACKHAWK GripBreak cases - new leather & Nylon of SHOT Show cases!

I've already written a little BLACKHAWK!'gear SHOT s Show, but one point that I did not really mention is their new Case GripBreak.  The video above addresses this lack of info.  This is a cool new case that is actually very versatile.  You don't see often as much versatility in a case, especially one made to BLACKHAWK!'s quality standards.  The specific standard is the SERPA.  Millions of these cases have been sold since they debuted in 2004, and people like this system.  It is easy to use, reliable and incredible retention.

But how can you beat the look of a leather case?  Simple answer: you can't.  You can't beat a leather of quality for its level of comfort and classic style, but there are a lot of military and professionals act today who want leather watch, but the style SERPA retention.  This is where that comes GripBreak .  You incredible retention, but at the same time, you will quickly attract.  The next time that you are right and draw your weapon you'll really appreciate it.

Another thing that is great about this new line is its versatility.  The GripBreak has a design short, which means that you can use the same case with more than one firearm.  You can use weapons compact handguns, 9 mm, 40 caliber and with the same case even more!  This is not something you see very often of a case like this.

When you want the look of leather but the retention and quickly a SERPA, draw the BLACKHAWK! GripBreak the case is made for you!

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