What challenges a warrior for the maximum Warrior Wear?

Posted on February 20, 2013

Maxim magazine runs a really cool contest, Warrior said Maximum.  I can not tell you how much I wish that I could participate.  I have no doubt that I could get Crémé by professionals they are in competition, but just the chance to learn and develop this kind of combat training would be amazing.  What is the Maximum of warrior?  Basically, it's a challenge for 10 weeks with 10 different warriors.  They then face based fights, a different tests each week.  These challenges test different parts of military training and expertise.

Week cover WADI patrol.  The Warriors are sent in a lightweight tactical vehicle with the mission to retrieve a downed pilot.  The driver is just a model, but the scenario is realistic.  These guys have to fight in the flashbang, past the improvised explosive, smoke grenades and they aims to neutralize.  It's really intense, and this is the first week only!  These challenges get more intense, while the Maximum Warrior competitors are more physical challenges requiring more all their cunning and all their forces more.  I don't want to steal all the thunder of the Maximum Warrior, so definitely go to their site to watch the episodes for the first three weeks.  Honestly, I love that I work for OpticsPlanet, because I just spent the last 15-20 minutes enjoying every second of the Maximum Warrior challenge!

Go to the Maximum Warrior site to see videos of great.  I want to share with you directly are videos of "what a warrior"door"of the Maximum Warrior.  They are really cool.  They are hosted by Karl Erickson, who hosts the show.  This guy knows his stuff.  We actually met him at the SHOT Show.  Erickson retired from the Army Special Forces, and it is a serious guy.  I am happy to make him part of our Armed Forces.  In the video above, it takes you through some of the gear are true warriors.  It begins with the armor of body and shows where soldiers in various pockets for maximum efficiency.  It's cool to see how he explains the side for the ballistic plates in body armor.  I knew that the plates could take shots a couple, but they won't hold forever.  I guess they can take about 10 shots.  I can't imagine being shot ten times, but I'd be happy to have one is able to take multiple injections.

But this is what it packs on this armor that really interested me.  Erickson rail covers magazines (it is no coincidence that Erickson is located in the front of a BLACKHAWK! banner, because they are a ton of great warriors gear for real, then when you need real tactical gear they are the brand perfect to start with.) and that puts it in the rest of his pockets.  This is not the basic equipment.  Real soldiers not to use pouches for transport sweets (I am not admitting that I used a bag for this), they have gear explosive ordnance disposal and additional magazines.

This type of gear is not so good for the soldiers.  I know that the hunters who swear only by BLACKHAWK!, and if you take the pragmatic approach that has the army, you are sure to have more success.  You may want to call game rather than the explosive ordnance disposal gear, but extra mags at your fingertips is always going to help (or for your shotgun shells, etc.).  Don't forget to check out the video above and discover a few teaser photos below to learn more about the contest and see this as a Warrior is for Maximum Warrior challenge!

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